Whew. I finally finished my final paper for my literary theory class. This was the toughest paper that I have had to write in the past two years. I have to admit that it would have been a tiny bit easier to write if I hadn’t waited to start the paper on its due date. Yes, I started writing it on the due date. That is me, the world’s best procrastinator. But I do my best work under pressure. I always wait till the last minute and I always get those finals in on time.. Well not this time. My lit paper was 4 days late. Hmm, how many points will get deducted for that? Doing a paper on the book Ceremony, from a historical/cultural theoretical perspective is not as easy as I thought. Not as interesting either, but I did learn so much about the Native American culture, which was a great learning experience, and well isn’t that what college is all about.

Now that I am done with the paper, maybe I can get started on some creative writing. I wish that there was a due date for creativity. I would be late with the work, but it would get done.